New To Yoga?

The path to yoga and how that path is traveled is different for each of us. In some cases, yoga is recommended by a doctor to alleviate back pain or stress, some find yoga through a mentor, some as a class at their fitness club, and some via a spiritual journey.

The yoga path has many names: Ashtanga, Power, Bikram, Iyengar, etc. Each of which offer challenge, health and insight.

You may consider taking a 101 class at the onset of your yoga journey. Individual/private instruction is not necessary as most classes can be followed just by watching other practitioners. However, unless you're in good physical condition, a 1 1/2 Power Vinyasa class may not be the most ideal place to begin especially if you're easily discouraged.

You can begin practicing yoga at home with instruction from DVDs and books. But the best way is to take a class. Many yoga centers and health clubs offer beginner classes.

What Will You Need?

An open mind and a yoga mat. Many gyms and yoga centers have yoga mats for your use so you really just need to show up. Come well hydrated and don't eat for at least 2 hours prior to practicing yoga. Where comfortable clothing and prepare to perspire.

Advise the yoga instructor that you're new to yoga. Most instructors will be happy to provide additional instruction during the class.